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Photo Gallery

 You've read about the boating and stuff. Now take a look at what I was talking about. Some of the images were taken in the summer of '96 with a friends' digital camera by me. The rest were taken & scanned by me in 1997-2000.

I have now bought a digital camera, just in time for the 2001 boating season. So addition new photographs will be much more easier.

  Port of Orillia
Port of Orillia test
 Couchiching Beach Park
 Chief's Island
 Living on the water
 Other views from around the lakes
 Centre of Power Boat & Cottage Show

©1997,1998,1999, 2000 - The pictures in the Photo Gallery were taken by me. So you don't have
            permission to use them commercially or on other websites.  If you want to use a photo, just ask. I'll probably say yes.